Wednesday, March 3, 2010

what's happening in UOM?

This year (2010),the field selections of University of Moratuwa (UOM), SL, have depicted a different trend from its past consistent behavioral pattern. Even though, when considering the whole picture, it cannot be catogorised as a radical change, still it is a very significant change in view of Civil Engineering aspects. It shows that, the modern demand pattern in engineering professional market is slowly but steadily, influencing to more and more bottom levels of the engineering professional’s hierarchy. i.e engineering students.
According to the graph more than 40 students who may have qualified to study Electrical engineering had preferred to study Civil engineering as their choice. Among them nearly 12 students have a better GPA than the lowest GPA student in the Electronic Engineering. Further almost all 40 students have a better GPA than the lowest GPA student in computer science.

This trend is highly welcome to the field of civil engineering where present turbulent market is demanding more and more highly skilled, innovative thinkers to address modern civil engineering dilemmas in environmental, structural and project management issues.

note:purple line: electronic
Green line : computer science
Brown line : civil
Red line : electrical


  1. Happy to be in the civil engineering department of the Moratuwa University.And even more happier to do Civil with a high GPA. ( One of the above mentioned 40).But I think that the GPA doesn't count when it comes to civil. It only matters what we do for the field. However, Thanks for the encouragement. And these words from a charted civil engineer does count. So thanks again and thanks ,my friend Ishan Thilna for pointing out the blog.

  2. @ Uditha
    Your dedication, enthusiasm, and higher level of rationality will ,certainly matter for the field of Civil Engineering.
    Keep up you good works and try to contribute towards the field where finally you will serve for the sustainability of mankind.

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