Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Tallest Bridge

There are so many Guinness records for the tallest entities  such as tallest man,tallest woman,tallest building etc.

when it comes to bridges which one will line up with the tallest tag? 

The world tallest  Bridge is 'Millau Viaduct' which is a part of the A75 road that links the Paris with Barcelona, France.

The bridge is 343 meters high and its highest point is more higher than the Eiffel Tower as well.

The total Cost of the project was AUD $ 525 million.

This project has the most highest bridge piers in the world. Above picture shows the constriction of such a pier.

This cable stay bridge has a total length of 2.5km and it crosses the Tarn River.

At a time, when I was having  my doubts of my choice of undergraduate studies in the uni, my lost interest triggered back with double power, after seen a presentation of a bridge construction similar to above. Still I can still feel the same and runs it in my veins when I am going through above pictures...........


  1. Interesting sites and information...but I still prefer the compare and contrast of concepts. I can see that your dreams are becoming a reality. Someday, you will be in the history of the world becoming the first Srilankan Engineer who has entered the boundaries of world wide construction projects! Keep on dreamin machan!

  2. ela yasa,,but i feel sorry about the public who will ultimately become the victims of your massive projects,,,just kidding man,,,i know u can achieve,,,keep up the good work,,,mahesh

  3. Thanxs for the comments.
    @anonmous:I'll try my next blog on comparing the concepts with real time experiences.
    @mahesh: Civil engineer is a subject which developed from faliures.
    'falliures are the pillars of success'
    ha ha just a thought..
    Safety is the paromunt importance in designing and not the economy.

  4. is marvelous piece of engineering miracle..

  5. @Peter:yeah it is

    @ishan: you are the second person thought like that...because first one was me :)

  6. I think it would be great if you can write something basic concepts about cable stay bridges as abouve

  7. @ Krishna: good idea..but i want do it in a very simple as possible where anyone can understand..AW i ll hope to give try on that

  8. opps!!!
    soo big one..
    we need to create new one in Sri Lanka more higher than this.

  9. @buguwa
    may be...I tell you a secret, there isn't a single bridge of above type in SL.

  10. I like it,this is amazing bridge.that is a great achievement for the people who made it

  11. Good Blog for M.E./M.Tech Student