Sunday, June 22, 2014

The bridge on a river where no single drop of water to be found.

Even in a dry season , very few water paths are  get dry as following one  where not single drop of water can be found.

This bridge is located in  Mankulam - Mulathive road, where I worked as the Consulting Bridge Engineer for the project in 2012/13

A Bridge on a river where you can not find a single drop of water.

While structure was under construction,   few visitors to the site raised their eyebrows on the requirement of a bridge at particular  location. However,  the Hydraulic studies of the area gave us a very different figures which are drastically differ from the depiction of the picture.

I was fortunate to witness the theory meets reality.  During the time of project execution, bridge met its highest flood which it was designed and stood against it.

Same bridge but with many drops of water

The bridge was designed with a 600mm of minimum  freebord height for the high flood level and it is adequately designed as seen in the picture.

However,  at the time of  flood , the bridge was  not in its completed form. The approach roads and the embankment protection measures were not completed. As a result, the embankment was damaged and later it was rectified.

Looking forward to write more in my next post on the subject of  bridge protection  measures  that we took after the rainy season.


  1. Very interesting indeed. Here lies the importance of considering the HFL in fixing the levels. Iwill be waiting for your next post for the bridge protection measures taken. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. interesting indeed...!
    don't know about structural stuff much...
    but the basis and effect are clearly visible...

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