Thursday, February 18, 2010

why this R/F is so heavy???

I thought to start my first blog with a simple but very useful information to civil engineers and technical officers.

I have seen very senior engineers going through their handbooks when they were been asked to calculate the weight of a particular length of a R/F bars. But if you can memorize a simple data, it is totally unnecessary to refer various tables to find the answer to above simple question.

so lets commence with a question. As an example lets think that site person approached you and asked following:
hey mate i have to buy a 20m of length from 16 mm diameter bars,what will be the weight of this??

so here is the formula. you need a very little to remember.

****** 6mm dia bar is 0.222 kg per meter length*****

so you can easily calculate weight per 1 m length, for other bar diameters.

(tip: rea of the bar is proportional to square of the diameter)

Hence lets see how to calculate for the above question

ans. (16^2/6^2)*.222*20=31.57Kg

(P.S : during my training period as trainee engineer, Eng.Senadeera ( Sierra) asked me to prepare a bar schedule for the site R/F works.Then he asked me to remember this formula as well. Many thanks goes to him. I still remember his lesson.)


  1. Valuable piece of information

  2. yes indeed, personally I took a great advantage of this little piece of information

  3. Good luck mate!

    I follow this blog with lot of interest. keep on updating.

  4. thnx s really encouraging...

  5. I thinks its simpler to just use the density of steel which is 7850kg/m3