Friday, August 12, 2011

New way......

I have been very busy since last August,2010 owing to my academic work, job and family commitments. Although work loadings in every fronts are mounting up, I thought time is right for recommence this blog which I really enjoyed in past. It simply keeps alive my appetite to learn.

Unlike in previous writings, this time I am thinking of writing more on technical related civil engineering issues. Earlier I tried to address the non technical readers and attract them via linking simple every day examples to introduce civil engineering concepts to them. In this attempt, although I had many successes, I realised that it need high level of imagination skills other than the technical knowhow. My busy life style simply does not permit me to engage in such high level of imagination and sometimes I am not sure myself whether I do have such skills either.

One may be able to raise the issue that new approach will further diminish already limited number of readers or fans for this blog. But, instead of waiting without writing nothing and looking to provide a masterpiece one day, this approach makes me more comfortable and opens much wider range of topics. It only requires the focussing on technical matters and research skills on subject matter.

There were few loyal readers to this blog, who were not direct stakeholders of civil engineering field, but attracted owing to the simple everyday examples I drawn up previously. I really appreciate them and their comments encouraged me to continue in writing in past. But lack of time to engage in creative imagination compels me to keep distance away from such readers. I humbly regret for taking such a decision and leave apart non technical readers.

With this new platform I am expecting to write more regularly and effectively on civil engineering related issues. I invite you to stay with me and with this blog. Your valuable opinion or criticism always encourages me and strengthens my writing.