Thursday, April 29, 2010

Before you drink....

Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it. - Lao Tzu

Water is an important entity in our life.

Still most of you may not aware that Civil engineers play a significant role when it comes to providing the potable water to your tap.

Water treatment is a highly developed area where so many civil engineers have contributed to the development of the subject.

Recently I had an opportunity to visit a Water Treatment Plant in Australia.
Inorder to provide you a general idead about the water purification process, I will go through a small description with a relevant photo.

Non technical readers , please skip what i have written under brakets

Pump House, the place where water is pumped from the river.

Water is pumped, 34m below from the tratment plant level. Can you guess why plant has been bult on a such a higer level....?

Then chemicals are been mixed to the raw water ( Alum and NaOH). it happens in the following chamber (its called Rapid Mixer: can any one remember 'hydrulic jump' we lerned at UOM?? that is the theory based here))

Chemical mixed water been allowed to flow through the 'flocculation tank' ( I'm sorry to use a technical term..but in this tank chemical particles get adhear to the tiny particals in the raw water and form a much bigger particles..which will easilly get settled than tiny particles)

particales in the water allow to settle in the larger tanks (Sedimentation tank)

Then water is been flitrated using filtration tanks.

(abouve picutre is a back wash of the flteration)

Filtered water collected through the pumpms and send them to the purified water well, to be distributed to the consumers.

These are the stroage tanks which store the varoius chemicals for the tratment processes.

Particles taht have been removed from the water (Sludge: after thickning)

So many efforts, time and money have been spent to provide you a good drinkable water to your tap. So it is your duty to optimise your water usage...

"Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it......"