Sunday, June 29, 2014

Flooding to the Correction

In the last post, I assured that I will write on the measures which we took to protect the bridges and embankments owing to damages caused by scour. After a devastating rainy season which happened during the project implementation, we were convinced on the additional requirements of the protection measures which were not included in the original designs.

The following photo shows the scale of the damages owing to the flood event. Even though all bridge structures were not submerged by the rising flood level, the approaches were badly damaged.

In an another location, the temporary baily bridge, at the bypass road,  which was constructed to cater the traffic during the construction was totally submerged while the new  bridge structure stands firmly owing to correct choice of HFL during the design.

Note the  red colour  bailey bridge.

The temporary bailey bridge is submerged while new bridge unaffected.

The following bridge is located at a lagoon. Similar to other locations, the bridge approaches have been inundated.

The next photo depicts the scale of the damages in the downstream of the approach roads near to bridge structures.

After witnessing a such a devastating flood , we took concrete  remedial measures  in order to withstand the future flood events.

I keep those for next post as  I feel that this post is lengthy enough for a day :)


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